Who we are

Who we are

Our purpose

We were born with the intention of helping our clients obtain lasting results, by carrying out transformative projects in a pragmatic and simple way.

We were created in 2012 as a business consulting firm, focused on management and operations. We trust a team of professionals with vast experience in results-improving projects, which have been implemented in big national and international companies. Ever since, we have been growing in revenues, results and personnel, in a fast and sustainable way.

We hold the trait of being a hands-on consultancy, as we work in a distinctive way: we don’t limit ourselves to diagnosing and to presenting solutions, but we also carry out suggested action plans and monitor results. We may even be responsible for the beginning of the next operation.
We have great experience in projects alongside companies which are industry leaders and with businesses recently bought by major private equity funds in Brazil, so we work in practically all market segments.


To guide our clients through highly profitable paths, in pragmatic, sustainable and immersive ways, with the best practices in management and performance, focusing on generating value to market and society.


Market: To be recognized, until 2023, for our unique way of making consulting a transformation tool and for bringing customers to achieve high performances.
Internal: To be recognized as the best consulting firm for our associates to grow and leverage themselves in an assisted and responsible way, providing them with challenges, experiences and knowledge.


Attitude and Competence | Simplicity and Pragmatism | Empathy and Partnership | Transparency and Respect | Meritocracy

Get to Know the History Behind our Logo

Our logo is the portrayal of Peers' way of being a consulting firm and doing consultancy.

The hexagon shape has two inspirations: the hive and the bolt.
The hive refers to teamwork. It is built by the cooperation and organization of thousands of bees, each of them contributing with its portion and always in partnership, in favor of the whole. Collaborative work is, much more than a method, one of our postulated and practiced values.

As for the bolt, it carries the meaning of meticulous work, where each and every detail is important for the final result. Each effort by the bolts promotes the building and supporting of the whole structure.

Two Ps are added to the hexagon, which represent our relationship with our customers: Peer to Peer.

This close relationship is extremely relevant to us and reveals our values of transparency, simplicity and respect.

Finally, with the sum of these symbols, in the center of the logo, a target is created as a goal. The meticulous and collaborative work in this partnership model aims at promoting the growth and development of companies, acting in projects with creative, sustainable and lasting solutions.

Its complete form is the symbology of transformative connections.

Av. Ibirapuera, 2033 (Edel Trade Center) 1° andar/sala 14
Moema, São Paulo - SP - CEP 04029-100
Phone: (11) 2387-1960
Contact Us: faleconosco@peers.com.br

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